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Immigration Medical Exam Process in Richmond Hills

Canada is known to be one of the most welcoming countries in the world, with a strong reputation for its diverse and inclusive society. Every year, thousands of people from all corners of the globe choose to immigrate to Canada in search of better opportunities and a higher quality of life. However, before becoming a permanent resident or citizen, immigration medical exams are often required as part of the application process.

If you're looking for a panel physician in Richmond Hill, GTA Immigration Medical Clinic Markham is a designated clinic approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to conduct these medical exams. Our friendly staff and experienced medical professionals are committed to assisting you throughout the immigration health examination journey.

What Is an Immigration Medical Exam?

This is a crucial step in the immigration process to ensure individuals meet the health requirements of immigration authorities. An immigration medical exam includes a physical assessment, blood tests, and other necessary evaluations to determine the applicant's admissibility to the destination country, such as Canada or the United States.

Why Are Immigration Medical Exams Important?

An immigration health examination is crucial in the immigration process. Here's a closer look at why these exams are important :

  • Safety for All. Immigration medical exams help keep communities safe by screening for contagious diseases that could potentially spread. An immigration medical exam doctor carefully checks for conditions like tuberculosis to ensure the well-being of everyone.
  • Requirement for Immigration Process. To successfully immigrate, applicants must pass a physical exam. This is a standard requirement across many countries. It shows that the applicant meets the health standards set by the destination country.
  • Health Assurance. The physical exam provides a health snapshot to identify any medical needs or conditions the immigrant may not know. It’s a form of health assurance for the immigrant, giving them a clear picture of their health status.
  • Prevention and Care. Early detection of health issues during the immigration process can lead to timely care and treatment. This is not only beneficial for the individual but also reduces potential healthcare costs in the future.
  • Smooth Resettlement Process. Completing the immigration medical exam is a step towards a smoother resettlement process. It’s one less worry for immigrants, as they can rest assured that their health has been thoroughly assessed and deemed fit for travel and residency.

Immigration Health Examination Process in Richmond Hill

We are pleased to provide Immigration Medical Exams for refugees, immigrants, and both permanent and temporary residents of Canada living in Scarborough. All of the Immigration Medical exams will be conducted by our certified Panel Physicians. We’re happy to guide you through the complete process of the Immigration Medical Exam, from start to finish, in 3 simple steps.

Immigration Medical Exams can be booked by calling or emailing us, or you can go online and conveniently schedule your exam.

Our office in Scarborough is easy to find, and we provide free parking to all patients at our clinic! Take a look at our Contact Us page for detailed driving directions. We are located at 3603 Highway 7 E. Unit 102 in Markham. Various simple and easy transit options are also available to you.

Medical Exam Process

Instructions on when you need to get your medical exam done will be provided by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Follow the steps below once you have received the instructions.

Should you require an upfront medical exam, look no further, and contact us at anytime.

Complete Immigration Medical Centre

Step 1

Schedule your appointment with our Immigration Medical Clinic.

Reach out and contact our clinic to book an appointment with one of our Panel Physicians to have your Immigration Health Examination. Please be aware of the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada timeline requirements when scheduling your appointment. 

Complete Immigration Medical Centre

Step 2

Pay a visit to our clinic to have your Immigration Medical Exam.

The entire immigration medical exam will be conducted at our immigration medical clinic, you can easily find us with the directions from Richmond Hill. We're pleased to offer urine and blood testing, and house an x-ray clinic in our building so you can undergo any additional testing you need all at the same time in one place. We require you to pay for your exam at the time of your examination appointment.

Complete Immigration Medical Centre

Step 3

Results of your examination will be submitted to the government online.

After your immigration medical exam is completed, we're happy to electronically forward the results to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. Additionally, we supply you with a document showing your case number (IME/UMI) to confirm that your exam has been completed. Reports are submitted within 5-10 days of your exam.

While preparing for your exam trip to our Richmond Hill medical clinic, if you have any questions about this process, feel free to please visit our FAQ page or Contact Us. We're always glad to answer or respond to any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to welcoming you from the Richmond Hill area! 

Government Links

For more information about the exam requirements, visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website:

Permanent Residents

Visitors, Students & Workers

What To Bring To The Exam

When you come to our clinic for your medical exam, please bring the following:

  • Proper identification – at least one government-issued document with your photograph and signature
  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them
  • Any medical reports or test results for any previous or existing medical conditions
  • A list of your current medications

Refugees: Please bring your Interim Federal Health (IFH) documents.

Why Choose GTA Immigration Medical Clinic Markham?

Convenience and Accessibility

For anyone searching for "medical for immigration near me," GTA Immigration Medical Clinic in Markham is a prime option due to its convenient location. Accessibility is crucial, especially for those amidst the busy and sometimes chaotic immigration process. Our clinic's strategic location ensures you can easily find and visit it without going out of your way, making it a practical choice for many.

Friendly Staff

The immigration process can be nerve-wracking. At the GTA Immigration Medical Clinic in Markham, the warmth and professionalism of our friendly staff play a key role in alleviating the anxiety associated with medical exams. From the moment you step into the clinic, our staff ensures you feel welcomed, valued, and at ease. Our team's friendliness and willingness to answer questions make for a great overall experience.

Seamless Process

Efficiency is our hallmark at GTA Immigration Medical Clinic in Markham. Understanding the importance of time, especially in immigration processes, we ensure your visit is as smooth and quick as possible without compromising the thoroughness and quality of the medical examination. Our streamlined process reduces wait times and enables you to complete your medical exam with minimal hassle.

Comprehensive Services

Our clinic offers a wide array of services required for immigration medical exams which makes us a one-stop solution. This eliminates the need to visit multiple locations for different parts of the exam, saving time and reducing stress. Our comprehensive approach ensures all medical requirements for your immigration process are meticulously covered.

Up-to-Date Practices

GTA Immigration Medical Clinic in Markham prides itself on adhering to the most current standards and protocols required by immigration authorities. This commitment to excellence ensures your medical exam will be accepted and gives you peace of mind knowing your health is evaluated accurately and comprehensively.

Immigration Medical Exam Near Me: Book Appointments Now With GTA Immigration Medical Clinic Markham

Let GTA Immigration Medical Clinic Markham be your trusted partner during your immigration journey. Our dedication to providing exceptional care and our expertise as a panel physician in Richmond Hill makes us the ideal choice for individuals seeking a seamless and professional immigration health examination experience. 

Book your appointment today and experience our commitment to exceptional care and professionalism.


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