Immigration Medical Exam Fees

Prices for Immigration Medical Exams in Markkham

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada requires different procedures depending on the age of an applicant. Your Immigration Medical Exams Prices are also determined by your age. 

Immigration Medical Exam Prices in Markham Clicnic

Patients are required to pay the following fees for the medical exam. Payment for the exam is due at the time of your appointment.  All parts of the exam are done on site during your visit, no additional travel required.


Age 0-10

Age 11 - 14

Age 15-74

Age 75+

Immigration Medical Exam $140 $140 $175 $240

Additional Costs

Blood and Urine Test - $55 (Ages 15+)

X-ray (cash only) - $45 (Ages 11+)

*Arriving Ukraine nationals - modified exam and fees 

Payment Methods

Payment to our clinic can be made by the following:



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